Top 3 Reasons Your eCommerce Website Needs to be Mobile Responsive

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In 2020, eCommerce is inadvertently rebranding itself. Mobile commerce or M-commerce continues to experience unprecedented growth, catering to the $8.3 billion Australian mobile industry.  Though the days of desktop shopping are hardly long-gone, mobile usage has dramatically shifted the way users consume online content. If your full-scale eCommerce website has yet to boast a mobile-friendly […]

Understanding Responsive Web Design as a Non-Developer

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As a non-developer, various terms and jargon fill the website-design world that can be confusing to an indoctrinated person. Of all the terms that are being used, responsive web design is one of the most common ones, most notably because it is vital in many aspects of web design and is the ongoing trend in […]

Choosing the Right Web Developer: What You Need to Know

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Taking on the giant task of creating your website is not only going to be a challenge; if you’re inexperienced, it may very well be an impossible task without the help of a good Gold Coast web developer. It might be tempting to save up and use a self-building website tool instead, but even this […]

5 Useful Widgets to Utilise for Boosting Your Website

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There’s nothing more amazing than coming across a website with all its outstanding features. The chances are that you immediately love the streamlined contact form, the well-placed calendar, or the visually appealing cover theme. Not only are you attracted to its aesthetics, but you also appreciate its overall functionality. If you have a business website […]

Mobile-Friendly vs Responsive vs Optimized: How Do They Differ?

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In your plan to make a mobile-friendly website, you may have run into a variety of different terms. Chances are, you have encountered terms like mobile-friendly, responsive design, and mobile-optimised. You may think that these terms all mean the same thing: a website that has been optimised for mobile devices. However, these three terms mean […]

Your Business’s Roadmap to Success Through Website Design

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Nowadays, website design services are very common and are considered one of the best modern business practices to establish a strong, competitive presence in the market. However, not all website designers and business websites succeed in the online space because of misinformed approaches to digital marketing.  Fortunately for you, we will go over what it […]

3 Tips to Effectively Improve Local SEO for Your Business – Our Guide

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As a small business owner, one essential activity you must not overlook is local SEO. Local SEO lets you boost your brand’s visibility in the immediate area, bringing customers to your doorsteps. That said, it is also much easier to perform local SEO compared to typical SEO. That is because there is much less competition […]

4 Benefits of VPS Hosting for Small or Medium-Sized Businesses

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting options have become popular as an Internet hosting solution for many small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. VPS is a virtual software housed in a physical server but is still completely independent of it. This hosting type works by emulating a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment, and it’s one […]

Are You Making These 5 Mistakes in Your Website Design?

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Today, any business should prioritise having a responsive website, since more people use their phones and tablets instead of desktops or notebook computers. However, it can be challenging to implement a responsive design. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when creating a website that can improve your SEO, even on mobile. Applying inconsistent navigation Many web […]

The Sales Boost Secret: 4 Benefits of a Solid Web Design

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Now that most businesses are operating online, it is essential to know the secret to increase your profit. Two of the crucial elements to obtaining better conversion rates and boosting your sales are excellent user experience and website design. Remarkable user experience and website design work hand-in-hand to impress your customers and increase your online […]