Choosing the Right Web Developer: What You Need to Know

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Taking on the giant task of creating your website is not only going to be a challenge; if you’re inexperienced, it may very well be an impossible task without the help of a good Gold Coast web developer. It might be tempting to save up and use a self-building website tool instead, but even this will require the assistance of someone who’s an expert in the platform you’ve chosen. 

Yes, creating your business website means that the web developer is your best friend. They won’t just build your website for you but provide a whole host of valuable insights that will turn your concept of a perfect website into a reality. Having an experienced consultant can take your business forward and give you a professional look that can’t be replicated by any website generator out there. 

There are some steps you need to take to choose the right web development company for your business.

Know what kind of website your business needs

You’ve got your business objectives down pat. To determine what kind of website it needs, try to think of what you want the site to accomplish. Is it to broaden your following? Do you want more people to visit your website to buy more products? Are you trying to be more engaging on social media? By answering this question, you’re already giving your web designer plenty of information about how to structure and design your website. 

For many small businesses, the usual objectives of their website are to inform and educate, build trust, and convert website visitors into leads. Choosing a web developer might be difficult because so many can perform this service. However, as the business owner, you must also decide on the kind of content management system you want to work with (e.g., WordPress or Hubspot) and what server the site will be hosted on. This will determine a lot of what you can or cannot do and how you will manage your site and business daily. 

Understand how much and what kind of support you’ll need

When web development companies say support, what exactly do they mean? 

In web development, it typically means everything, from setting up your content marketing strategy (including and email management system) to patching up a glitch in your landing pages design. This will be a continuous process with your developer, as your business and website continue to grow and evolve. After all, websites should not be static, if it stops improving, then you’ve already lost!  

It’s good practice to find out exactly what your web development partner can help you with, particularly the level of support, its turnaround time, and who you can expect to hear from when you need to troubleshoot or add a new feature to your website. This will ensure that you get the most out of your partnership with the company and that your website has what it needs depending on your skill level with web development. 

Find a web development partner you are compatible with

Finding a good partner to help you develop and maintain your website will create a professional relationship that will last for many years. You must choose one that is compatible with you and your business because they will be your partners for the long haul. As tempting as it may be just to abandon ship when your current partner isn’t helping you like you’d hoped, this is timely and costly to do.

Some things to consider before choosing a web development partner include the quality of their work, their values, how they work, and how they treat clients. It?s also much easier to work with a developer you like to interact with.


While these are just a handful of things to think about before going ahead and hiring a website builder or developer, you can’t go wrong with taking the time to consider how well you get along, the kind of support you need, and the needs of your business. This partnership can make or break how well your website runs for the duration of your business, so choose wisely. 

Are you looking for a reputable web developer in the Gold Coast to help your business out? Here at Silicon Palm, we strive to turbo-charge your Gold Coast website design to help grow your business. To learn how we can help you grow sales as business improvement specialists, visit our website today. 

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